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earths nurse cbd roll freeze


What Is It?

Earth's Nurse' 750mg Pain Freeze CBD Roll On was birthed by requests from our customers who were looking for a way to relieve pain and soreness from their muscles and joints. The high CBD content was chosen to ensure the user would receive a generous amount of CBD with every application. We wanted to allow the CBD to do it's job as an Anti-Inflammatory along with the soothing benefits of Menthol & Capsicum, Cinnamon oil, Ginger Root oil and organic Aloe leaf juice. With all the ingredients put into one easy application, the relief you are searching for is just an arms length away.

Great for

*Pre/Post workout

*Muscle strains/aches

*Joint discomfort

*Helps to calm(put a dab on your temples)

Our customers have reported many different methods of use such as for minor headaches, sinuses, back pain and bruises.

Try our 750mg Pain Freeze CBD Roll On along with one of our tinctures to maximize your CBD benefits!