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What It Is

Every CBD companies requires a tincture, it's an unwritten rule and so it happened to also be our very first product. We know what your thinking, "just what we need, another CBD tincture on the market.". But this is not just any CBD tincture line. Though CBD oil drops are great as a daily supplement, we wanted to to carry high potency and blended tinctures that would provide physical and mental relief without breaking the bank. It is important to us that our products contain no harmful chemicals or contamination so we work hard with our CBD suppliers to ensure only the best quality CBD goes into our products. 

Our current line contains:

*500mg Isolate

*750mg Full Spectrum

*1500 Extra Strength Plus(contains terpenes for added benefit)

*We are always working to expand the line to help with individual needs.

*CO2 Extracted