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Nature’s FARMacy

Nature’s FARMacy

Drugs and antibiotics are being prescribed at alarming rates, creating a pharmaceutical epidemic. It has become common for Baby Boomers to have a cabinet full of pharmaceutical drugs for various complaints. So many, that it makes it difficult for doctors to keep up with what drugs are interacting and counteracting with one another which may make them counterproductive.

Most synthetic drugs have some negative side effects. There is a risk when treating the original issue some side effects are so bad, that another drug is prescribed to treat the side effect, thus creating a viscous cycle. All the while, accumulating harmful substances that are poisoning the body. This is why we should not disregard Nature’s FARMacy.

But there is an alternative to big pharma

Our body has two main nervous systems. The parasympathetic nervous system is known as the rest and digest phase, and the sympathetic nervous system is known as our fight or flight response. Whenever you use a drug that treats one system, it has a negative side effect on the other system. For example, when opiates are ingested, they help minimize the pain which is related to the sympathetic nervous system, but in turn, the drug has negative effects on the parasympathetic system because it slows down the function of secretions and digestion which causes constipation.

If synthetic drugs are so harmful, then why do doctors keep prescribing them and patients keep taking them? There are many reasons why people don’t say no to prescribed drugs. The main reason is because they want to receive a temporary relief for discomfort and have an increasing fear of sickness.

When we feel tired, depressed, in pain — it’s amazing what patients will do to feel better. And why not? Many doctor’s first response is to prescribe a drug that may or may not help. Doctors are supposed to be the experts and should know best, so the patient listens and obeys, many times without questioning. Because hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are multi-billion-dollar industries, they continuously push drugs to patients, potentially creating a cycle of misuse.

You are what you eat

If you give your body the right balance of nutrients, your body will have the ultimate resources in order to be healthy. Instead of putting additional toxins in your body, there are alternatives choices to replace synthetic drugs that will achieve the same goal.nature's farmacy 1
Mother Earth is a giant FARMacy available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This FARMacy doesn’t cost thousands of dollars for solutions. This FARMacy allows us to grow healing agents in our backyard. This FARMacy allows us to harvest powerful remedies and store them from season to season. This FARMacy is cheap, powerful and plentiful with a vast supply, without the negative side effects. Why is natural healing not as popular as synthetic drugs and not prescribed by most doctors? Because there is not enough profit for pharmaceutical companies, so they don’t endorse natural drugs.

For example, doctors typically do not prescribe garlic cloves for high-blood pressure. If they did, pharmacies would stand to lose millions of dollars and the local grocery store would gain about a dollar. Although garlic’s countless benefits are not well recognized, there are other natural products starting to gain fame in the medical industry such as cannabidiol (CBD) oils. If more individuals knew about the benefits (CBD) oil has, it could replace millions of pharmaceutical drugs and save billions of dollars and endless heartache.

Personal Experience

A friend of mine was genetically predisposed for high blood pressure and heart attacks. He was on several different blood pressure medications. His goal was to lose weight, so he could live a healthier lifestyle and avoid an early heart attack as his father had. I set goals for him and made meals for him for several months. I used fresh garlic cloves, turmeric and cinnamon and CBD oils. Months later, he went back to the doctor for a checkup and was able to stop all medications. The doctor said, “If everyone did what you have done then I wouldn’t have a job.” That was so profound to me; I will never forget it.

Mother Earth provides us with a plethora of natural solutions which provide healing powers – many of which are widely known, and many have yet to be discovered. Some of these solutions may be in your own backyard. We need to have the information to identify them, what they do and how to process them to benefit the body. You could just eat whole garlic cloves, drink CBD oil, or chew on ginger root, but these are all very potent in themselves. There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate
these into our daily lives and get what our body needs.

natures farmacy 2

Natures FARMacy

Total health is just a spoonful away. We all live on a FARMacy, why not take full advantage of knowing that what our body needs is growing right in our back yards. And when some of these ingredients are combined, the benefits become even more powerful. Below are links to some of my favorite recipes that have awesome health benefits. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless, there are many recipes that are fun to make, tasty and full of healthful benefits.

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