Earth’s Nurse – 750mg FS CBD Drops 1oz

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Earth’s Nurse is introducing it’s very first product to the market. For this special occasion we are offering exclusive discounts and free shipping. Take advantage of this offer to see how Earth can nurse you back to health!

1oz – 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

• 30ml bottle of CBD Oil(30 servings of 25mg each)
•No-THC , Hemp  Derived CBD
• 100% Natural
• Made in the USA


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Earth’s Nurse has done it! Building on our success as a trusted brand for CBD products that offer guaranteed quality, freshness and honesty, we introduce the first official member of our very own CBD line, 750mg CBD Drops. We carefully selected our manufacture to ensure we know exactly what our products contain. The strength of 750mg was chosen for our inaugural product for a very specific reason, it falls in that sweet spot for daily dosage. Most experts will tell you to discover the correct dosage for you, which is true as everyone is different and has different needs. However, we set out to start you on the right track.

The average recommended dosage is about 1mg per 10lbs of body weight. Of course this number goes up or down depending on your needs and severity of your symptoms. We find that 25mg per dosage(which is what 750mg/oz offers), sets you up on a good path of discovery.

We know you will love this product, and for a limited time, you can order as many bottles you want at our introductory price of only $59.99 per bottle(20% OFF), PLUS we are throwing in free shipping on every order. Don’t miss your opportunity to be one of the first to experience what Earth’s Nurse has to offer!

  • Full Spectrum
  • 100% Naturual
  • Made in the USA

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*Pre-ordered bottles will be shipped on or before April 15, 2019. If there are any delays, buyers will be notified.


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