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CBD water soluble

CBD Beverage Tablets by Earth’s Nurse


  • 750mg per bottle(25mg/30 tablets)
  • Use with your favorite drink, dissolves in any beverage
  • Little to no taste or color
  • Improves mood, reduces anxiety and physical/mental discomfort
  • Pure Hemp-Derived



CBD Beverage Tablets by Earth’s Nurse makes it easy to get your dose of pure CBD in any of your favorite beverages.

CBD Beverage Tablets offer all the great benefits of CBD but in effervescent form. Simply drop one one of these 25mg tablets into any of your favorite beverages, wait for the tablet to completely dissolve and enjoy.

These easy to use tablets quickly dissolve* into any liquid to provide maximum bioavailability by enhancing absorption. The bottle makes a convenient way to carry your daily dose of CBD in your pocket, purse, backpack or even your glove box. Due to the increased bioavailability, you can experience the benefits of the CBD quicker and more efficiently than using conventional oils or most edibles.

These tablets will bring fun into your ordinary beverages while providing the essential benefits of CBD. Everyone loves the way these tablets bring life into their drinks, grab yours today!

Use With:

  • Water
  • Work out shake
  • Bowl of cereal
  • Hot tea
  • Your favorite beer or whiskey
  • Any beverage you can imagine

 *please ensure the tablet has stopped bubbling before consuming. Statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. 

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