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Could CBD Reduce The Need For Big Pharma?

Some say it’s just a fad, some say the claims aren’t real. When you look at the benefits it brings to your life, your medicine cabinet just may shrink as CBD and Big Pharma clash.

The use of cannabis as a medicinal solution is a controversial and touchy subject. Although, cannabis has been labeled as an illegal recreational hallucinogenic, there is no known dangerous side effects. In fact, in recent findings, hemp is being recognized for its potential medicinal value and is being used to alleviate pain and reduce symptoms from a wide range of medical conditions. Although the direct cause and affect cannabis has on the body has not been substantiated, there is no denying that there is a rising demand for cannabis usage in medical fields and recreational use.

There is no shortage of cannabis products, but one that has made tremendous advancements is an extract called Cannabidiol(CBD). CBD oil has become very popular because it lacks the hallucinogen properties of THC, which makes it ideal for patients who don’t like the mind-altering side effects of cannabis usage.
With CDB oil, you get all the benefits without worrying about getting the “high.” There are various concentrates of CBD oils; the higher the concentrate the more potent the product.
The number one claim made by recipients of CBD oil is for the oil’s ability to relieve pain. If CBD oil was more widely used, then it might alleviate the epidemic use of opiates. There are thousands of deaths associated with opiate addiction and overdose, but there are no known reported fatalities from CBD oils.
cbd could reduce big pharma

Many More Benefits

Another benefit of CBD oil use besides being a pain reliever, is its anti-seizure properties that seem to be ideal for some patients with life-threatening seizures. I remember hearing about a case involving a five-year-old who suffered seizures from infancy. In effort to stop his seizures, the child had been given so many different medications that eventually he stopped responding to any outside stimuli and still was unable to find relief. Out of desperation to have the seizures stop, the family started their own research on CDB oils. After making the decision to use the oil, the family reported that they were able to stop all drugs and just gave their son drops of CBD oil and his seizures stopped. After treatment, their son was once again able to jump and play like any other five-year-old.

There are many other examples of CBD oil usage that is thought to relieve anxiety, help fight cancer and diabetes are just a few. Because cannabis remains illegal in many states, there has not been enough cannabis related medical studies to prove all of its benefits. But the testimonials speak volumes. Could you imagine if more and more individuals used cannabis and cannabis by-products for healing?
Hospitals would lose money at an accelerated rate. Has this been a factor in legalizing cannabis in all states? Are hospitals lobbying for the restriction of its usage based on its low-profit margins? The reasons are uncertain and unimportant, but what does matter is that we all do our research to become aware of the benefits we can receive from the Earth’s bountiful supply of natural healing agents.
Sometimes, we just need to let the Earth become our nurse.

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