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CBD changed our lives and it can change yours.

angel and kids

Angel shares her story on how CBD changed her life and why Earth’s Nurse is committed to bringing you quality information and CBD products.

Being an extremely private person, I usually don’t open up about my personal life, certainly not publicly. I have never felt that there was a compelling reason to tell my story, but this all changed when I discovered CBD, an amazing natural product, that is too wonderful to keep quiet about.

angel and kids
Angel and kids.

I was diagnosed with lumbar arthritis and sciatica at the early age of 31. The result of five pregnancies and five C-sections, took a toll on my body, as well as having three children under the age of three years old. Two of my children have tracheostomies, and one is on a vent requiring constant care and lifting. I don’t have time to sit around and hurt. I must take care of all my babies, every day, every hour, so I have learned to ignore when I hurt. Until the day I found myself in a fetal position at the Emergency room because of throbbing pain. It was as that point that I knew I had to do something. The doctor prescribed me an anti-inflammatory drug but that would only treat the symptom for a few hours and not give me long-term relief.

There Had To Be A Better Way

I am a strong believer in natural healing and am convinced that most man made products have negative side effects. I didn’t want to become addicted to pain-killers, as arthritis and sciatic are chronic conditions and would require long-term usage. Why treat side effects, when you can eliminate the source of discomfort naturally? “Where there is a will, there is a NATURAL way.”  I was determined to find my own remedy to rid me of all my pain.

I began my journey for “natural pain relief”. I researched testimonials, trials, and studies on natural cures and many of them suggested using the natural grown product, cannabis. I’ve known about cannabis for years, but I never realized it’s full healing potential. I was astonished to learn about the different ways cannabis can repair your body and provide your mind the balance to create an ideal state of homeostasis. I found cannabis works in any form as a natural pain reliever. It also helps relieve tremors, reduce anxiety, alleviate sleeplessness, and many other medical conditions.I

She's so happy to be with mamma!
She’s so happy to be with mamma!

Everything I Needed, Nothing I Didn’t

As a mother, I have to be 100 percent alert and in control; ready to move quickly at any moment. Using cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was not an option for me, since it is the THC that gives you the ‘high’. I needed the cannabidiols(CBD) in the plant. Since CBD is seperated from the THC, I knew I could receive all the benefits without hindering my motherly duties. Everyone has their preferred way of receiving the benefits of the cannabis plant, but the best option for me seemed to be the CBD oil drops.

As I started to experiment with the tinctures, I wasn’t quite sure what dosage would work best for me. Starting out modestly with 250mg, I didn’t feel the immediate relief as I was expecting. However, within a week a could tell the difference. When I got on the floor to tend to my babies, I could actually get back up without feeling as if I just ran a marathon. I then decided to try 750mg strength CBD full spectrum oil drops. Unlike the 250mg, I felt instant relief. 

I was excited, as I realized what this meant to my mental and physical self. No more curling up in a fetal position – frozen on the ground because of intense pain. No more locking myself in the bathroom just to sit still for a moment and not feel like a thousand knifes were stabbing my back. And the best part? I could pick up my babies and play with them all day! I could attend to their needs without feeling as if my legs were on fire with every step I took.

Watching the big game with the family!

We Exist For You

My story is the reason I decided to join my brother Danny in starting A product this amazing needs to be shared with others. Something so simple, small and plentiful that helps alleviate a very broad spectrum of side effects for cancer, anxiety and PAIN! We researched hundreds of different kinds of CBD products and chose the absolute best.

So, we finally did it! My brother and I chose the best all natural, full spectrum CBD to be worthy of our inaugural tincture. If you are suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, tremors, or whatever you need relief from, this is the product for you. I know it can change your life, just as it has changed mine.  There is nothing to lose, only everything to gain!